Is Social Media Worth Using?

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Is social media worth using? In general for personal use I would say somewhat, but that depends on you…but from a business perspective I would say it’s IMPERATIVE.

As a business you should have as many social media accounts as you can. Why? Because the more you’re on the internet, the more likely you are to get found, and then of course the more likely you are to get business and make MONEY!

Having multiple social media accounts for your business puts your name out there more, and also can give potential customers different perspectives of your business, what it’s about, about you, and various different reviews because of the several different type of social media platforms.

Now for a business, having many types of social media more than likely will bring attention to your business, but unless you use it properly, your various social media platforms you are using won’t get much attention at all. You have to POST! It’s kind of like learning how to ride a bike in a way, if you don’t ride it, you won’t learn, and if you don’t learn, you can’t get anywhere. Same goes for your business. The more you use social media, the more you learn about how to use it, and how different types of posts/updates get different types of attention, and once you’ve learned how to use social media well for your business, you can make it go somewhere! 🙂


When I first started taking this class I thought I knew quite a bit about social media since I had several different social media accounts, but I discovered I actually didn’t know as much as I needed to for when I do start my business.

I am now way more comfortable with several different social media platforms than I was at the beginning of the semester. I can pretty much use each type of social media that I have without a problem now, where at the beginning I got lost and confused and frustrated with using some of the social media sites, but it is totally worth the little bit of stress of having multiple social media accounts for your business. After all, the world is very diverse, so not all your potential customers are going to use one single type of social media. You may have some one one site, and some on another, and a bunch on another, and none on one….ANYWAY…you get the picture! 😀


Spring Fever?

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Is Spring Fever a real thing?

In my opinion, I’d say HELL YES!

Whenever spring finally comes around here in South Dakota I seem to act a bit differently. I feel like I have more energy, I want to clean, cook, and even exercise more.

Now that my kids are getting older, I’ve noticed the same for them too. It’s finally been warmer out around here this week (like 30-60 degrees) and they’ve been acting like wild animals?! Even the baby?! Seriously they keep wanting to go outside,  which is fine with me, but even when they’re not supposed to or they can’t they keep asking and then run around and aggravate one another because they’re bored…. The best part though is with all the fresh air they’ve been getting and all the energy they’ve burned off lately, they’ve been going to bed EARLIER than usual?? Again I’m not going to complain though.


Even my dog and two cats are acting weird.  They keep trying to get outside, and my dog has even been trying to run off on me?

Spring is my favorite time of year, so I can understand a bit why I’m acting a bit different, but goodness…if you could only see the difference in how the rest of my household has been between this week and last week…it’s like night and day?!

Do you think spring fever is a real thing??

Is fate a real thing?

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Ok let’s be real here….as a single mom of 3, it’s hard for me to believe in fate…

however I still do.

I’ve been through a whole hell of a lot in my 27 years, but everything I’ve gone through I believe has led me to where I’m at and to what I’m doing and I KNOW all of it has made me a stronger woman.

That also being said, the people that I have met, and dated I believe life has led me to them as well. Even though, obviously, it didn’t work out for me with them, each person was meant to be in my life, and each for their own reasons.

Currently, I am single…but dating. I’m dating someone who I’ve known for a long time, long enough to know that they are meant to be in my life, especially with the way we came to meet years ago…and knowing our past, I feel he is the person I was meant to be with, and we fit together great, almost like yin and yang.

ying yang hearts


Mom Meals

So lately I’ve been thinking about how I NEED to get back on a healthier diet and exercise regime to lose my baby weight (from all 3 of them :-/ ) which also led me to thinking that my kids won’t eat a lot of the things I plan to start eating again, which also led me to thinking what they’ve been eating recently…which isn’t terrible, but not per se nutritious either…

Things that were quick and convenient: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, fries, sandwiches, hamburger helper, tuna helper, ya know…basically meals that don’t take long…I always of course throw a vegetable or 2 in there somewhere, and fruits, cheese breads too…trust me, they’re more than fed…anywho…

So basically, I’m now wondering what the “norm” is for other single moms, particularly ones like me who are going to school or working or even both, on meal preparations? Do you cook fast and easy, or healthier meals?

I would prefer to have my kids eat healthier meals like I plan on doing again soon, but I know they won’t eat a lot of the things I will be eating, so what I’ve usually done is make them similar, yet different things that are still healthy. My only concern is TIME. I never have enough time to make healthy meals it seems, but I need to make the time because my health and my children’s health are at stake. I ultimately would just like to have energy again to do things more often with my kids.


Advice? I’m lost…hoping to come to a conclusion soon, “swimsuit season” is right around the corner, and lets just say, I’M NOT READY! 😛

My Ideal Spring Break

Spring break was short and…not so sweet, for me at least. I ended up cleaning more than usual and organizing. Seems every time I turn around my kids undo what I just did, and I feel like I’m just going in circles. Don’t get me wrong love my house being clean and organized, but I really could have used a vacation instead.

If I would be able to go on a vacation, I’d rather not have my kids with just one time, but that’s highly unlikely. However, I’d love to spend a week in Hawaii. That would be my ideal vacation. Spending time on the beach, swimming, collecting shells, going on nature walks, seeing animals, scuba diving, getting massages, having Bahama mamas and sex on the beach (the drink), and maybe a party and some dancing…that would be AMAZING


But…in all honesty I rather take my kids with on any vacation I would go on, I’d feel too guilty leaving them behind. If I could go on a spring break vacation with my kids I’d take them to the Omaha Zoo. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time and still have not had the chance. Either of those would be my ideal spring break.


What did you do over spring break? What would be your ideal spring break vacation?

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*Social Media Class

What would you do with one more hour in your day if you had complete say on how it was used?

I have several ideas on what I would do. Almost everyday I wish I had more time to do these things:

  1. Clean more/better around the house
  2. Take more time to study/learn with my kids
  3. Time to workout/exercise
  4. Time for myself
  5. Time to SLEEP

Everyday I feel like there’s more I could have done with my day or at I wish I could have done with my day. If I could have an extra hour to my day I would alternate these things. I feel there’s always more to be done around my house at the end of each day, that there’s more I would have liked to have done with my kids, that I wish I had the time to at least do a bit of exercising, sometimes I’d like to have a little time to myself, or probably something I wish I had more time for everyday…is to have more sleep.

What would you do with one more hour in your day?




You ever think to yourself that, “Gosh I wish I was a kid again.” I do all the time. I also tell my kids things we did for fun when I was a kid, compared to things they do (or that they always try to get me to let them do). What I miss most about being a kid; no bills! Of course what adult actually likes bills? If my kids did what we did as kids….

 We did things like; play outside, play house, play with barbies or dolls, play in the sprinkler/pool, collect bugs, color/paint/draw, jump rope, play with chalk, wash our bikes, help our dad with the garden, collect rocks, play catch with a softball/football, play softball, go sledding, ride bikes, ride ATV, mow the lawn (I used to love it)….and probably so much more!?

I’m what they call a millennial. I was born in 1990, best decade ever!

What we did the most in general was play outside, pretty much ALL DAY. These days, I’m lucky if I can get my kids to play outside for 5 minutes. My dad had built us a tree house that had a front deck, back porch, a mailbox, windows, doors, and even a tin roof. We loved it. We did so much in there. My kids have a play set set and do use that quite a bit, but they would prefer watching TV or playing games…I’m hoping to change that very soon, been already working on it and I can’t wait for the future.



Soar with the eagles or Hoot with the owls?

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Are you a morning person or a night person? Do you have a hard time getting up or getting motivated in the morning? Do you like to sleep in as long as you can? Do you get cranky when someone wakes you up, or your alarm goes off? If someone calls or texts you while you’re sleeping do you try to ignore it? Do you like to stay up late? Do you “do your own thing” while everyone else is asleep, and just have “me” time? Then you my friend, are just like me.

I am a NIGHT OWL! I hate going to bed, but I love to sleep…Which stinks for me considering I have kids!? I will watch a movie, or play on my laptop or phone, or do some cleaning I didn’t get to do during the day, organize things around the house better, add/edit pictures, post pictures, or even color, just because I like a little alone time.


I also am the type of person though that hates being alone?! (Ya, I know, confusing right? Welcome to my life?!) I get lonely at night when I’m at home and awake by myself, so I usually take advantage of the quiet and sometimes will catch up with friends and family (if they’re awake).

What about you? Are you a early bird, or night owl? What do you like to do during that time? Why? Benefits or disadvantages for you of being awake during that time? Share your thoughts, opinions, ideas with me! Maybe it will make me try to change my ways (HAHA!)

New Us

So this week I’m trying to include my kids in more things that I do on a daily basis, and I’ve been trying to keep them more busy and motivated. Yesterday we went snow tubing and had tacos for supper (which we do almost every Tuesday). Monday we rented a family movie (Cars 3) and I let the kids pick what they wanted for supper. We ended up having breakfast for supper: Apple cinnamon pancakes, and scrambled eggs with green pepper and a bit of onion with cheese on top, IT WAS A HIT and they both ate almost all of it and even had 2nds?! Note that my oldest is 8, and my middle child is 3, and even my baby girl who’s 6 months ate it.

My kids seem happier now with less chaos around us. I am too, I feel lighter and free. At the same time though, I feel like an idiot. That story is for another day though. Today is about LOVE. Yes, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Hopefully you’re not like me and don’t have someone to spread their affections onto you today.

So I think our activity for today is going to be to make each other Valentines. I need a little extra attention from someone today, and I’m sure they do too. It’s days like today where I just don’t want to do anything, but then, at the same time, that just makes me feel worse. Not sure what to have for supper tonight though. Maybe porkchops or chicken? ANYWHO…

I’m trying to get my family back to US. A better, healthier, happier US. We need it, and quite frankly deserve it. My kids and I have been through way too much for way too long and I’m not doing it anymore. Hence why I said I’m an idiot earlier, all this is all my fault, I thought having someone around was helping us, when actually it was doing more damage than good and I didn’t see it until the problem was gone because I didn’t think there was a problem.

So I’m trying harder to be a better mom. I’m a pretty good mom. Yes, I lose my cool sometimes, sometimes my house is a mess, and sometimes my kids miss out on things they probably shouldn’t (such as brushing their teeth :-/ ). I’m not perfect. My main goal is to keep them as happy and healthy as I can, without taking too much out of myself. I am also learning to take care of me. I used to skip things for myself all the time and I’m learning that I need to take care of me too. My gift to myself today is going to be to pamper myself a bit once the kids are in bed tonight, and maybe drink a little bit 😉

What Motivates Me?

*This blog post is intended for my Social Media Marketing Class, but does however relate to my blogs theme as well.

I am motivated by many things. My biggest motivations I would have to say though are my children (ya, I know, such a mom thing to say). Seriously though, without them I would probably not be where I’m at today, nor the person I am today. I love my children so much, but they give me everything in the world that I need. They are my whole reason for existence as of late.

Just recently I have been through some really hard to deal with personal life changes, and I can honestly say as hard as they were and as much as it hurt me to go through it all, I am actually happier then I’ve been in a long time. So obviously I’ve done some thinking about it all and this is what I’ve come up with…

My children are my reason for life, for living, and to strive for all of us to be happy. I do my best to provide for all 3 of them, for everything they need. No I do not like to spoil them (just with love) but yes they have plenty of toys and things they like as well. MOTIVATION.

We have a pretty boring lifestyle. We stay at home a lot, I don’t always have a lot of extra money to do fun things, but I try to. We are fairly stable, and have everything that we need to survive. A small house, a good vehicle, food, electricity, water, heat, and clothes. Everything we need is there, and if it isn’t, I get it there. MOTIVATION.

I take care of them. They are all 3 very healthy kids (minus my 3 year old’s bad habit of not brushing very well, or at all, and his sweet tooth) who are also fairly well behaved and good. If they have any type of ailment I feel is concerning, I call a nurse and or do some research to see how I can help them feel better. MOTIVATION.

I constantly am thinking to myself, what can I do better? How can I make myself a better person? How can I do better? I want my kids to do all that they can, experience all that they can, believe in themselves, believe in other people, do good for the world and those in it. I try to teach them, encourage them, support them and so much more anyway I can. MOTIVATION.

So again, you ask, what is my motivation?



Our World, Without Social Media

*I would like to note that this post is intended for my Social Media class, and that I don’t mind it being public, even though it doesn’t really relate to my blog too much.

To be totally and completely honest, if there was no social media, I would be just fine. Social media for me, being a mom of 3 and a student while also just trying to survive is exhausting. I barely have time to take care of myself let alone pay attention to Facebook or snap chat (which I do check in on occasion). Social media just makes me feel like I HAVE to be social. Don’t get me wrong I love being social, but how is looking at a screen and typing some words or posting a photo SOCIABLE? I feel like it’s more of a chore than something fun, UNLESS I’m posting photos of my children, which I do mostly for my family and my own benefit anyway.

There are some downsides I think though. Without social media our world wouldn’t be as connected as it is. Mostly, news wouldn’t travel so fast, which actually seems to be very beneficial these days (viruses, illnesses traveling around). I just miss the good old days when things were much simpler, (Ugh, I’m making myself sound old?) but it’s true. I rather be social by actually BEING social….

Oh, btw, I’m ONLY 27.



Vent on Anti-Vaccers

If you’re a mom, or a grandparent, or involved with children in anyway, you have probably heard about the anti-vaccination movement many parents are taking part in. So basically parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children because they believe it is their right to not have to. It is not illegal to not get your children vaccinated, but it is very highly recommended.

Yet children who are not vaccinated are able to go to public schools where other children are, and who maybe aren’t old enough yet to get a vaccine, or children who have younger siblings go home and play with them, and those younger children are the most susceptible to disease and illness. It is those vaccines that build an immunity to those illnesses. If your child doesn’t get the recommended vaccines for their age (which by the way, vaccines have been around a LONG time) then they are very likely to catch that such illness that they weren’t vaccinated for.

The whole reasoning behind not vaccinating children, in my opinion, is absolutely ridiculous. Many parents who are anti-vaccers say it causes the child to contract the very illness the vaccine is meant to prevent. Some parents don’t do it simply because they don’t want to cause their child pain, or they simply don’t feel the need to have it done (simply put: laziness).

One of the major illnesses I’ve heard that vaccines can cause, is AUTISM?? The most absurd thing I’ve heard so far is that vaccines cause CANCER…

Yes, you read it right…the big C.

These are my opinions, you don’t have to agree or disagree. I’m simply venting my thoughts and feelings. If you have a thought or feeling you would like to present KINDLY feel free to do so! I look forward to additional information.

Spring is almost here!

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Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes a lot of other (mostly) good things.

My yard has been a combination of a mud slide and an avalanche, and my vehicle feels it too….oh how I hate cleaning the seats and carpet of my car….but it’s going to have to get done….whenever it gets nicer out….


I can’t wait though for warmer weather!? I’m so sick of snow, so sick of being stuck inside. Not to mention so are the kids…they’re driving me nuts…only thing I’m worried about is spring brings a bit of extra expenses too…

Spring in my house means cleaning…EVERYWHERE. After cleaning though we have lots of fun in the sun (weather permitting). Whenever it’s nice out this family is outside, and so are my animals. We eat better, and since we are more busy we sleep better too, that is when we do sleep…

Still hectic and crazy as ever we will be, but it keeps me busy and on my toes, and I can’t wait for it 🙂


Sick Student Mom & Kids

You know what sucks the most about being sick? When you have kids to take care of, especially because they’re sick too, and trying to get homework done at the same time. It’s pretty much impossible.

I’m actually very behind on my homework right now as I’m writing this. 3/4 of us in my house have been sick all week, and I’m quite sure my cold is turning into a chest cold or bronchitis as I feel like hell has washed over me tonight. When I get sick, which is not very often, I get SICK!


My kiddo’s are pretty much better other than the occasional runny nose. Always seems something gets in the way of me getting all my homework done early like I would like to.

Like everybody when you have a cold, I have not had much energy, and just feel plain icky, but being a single mom of 3 sick kids just makes it all the more worse because you have to take care of them and yourself. Needless to say, I haven’t had as much sleep as I should have, which is probably why I’m getting even more sick rather than better.

What’s even  worse about my predicament, is Easter is this weekend, and my family is going to be around, and unless I get better fast, I won’t get to see them and either will the kids :-/ 😦

Looks like a trip to the doctor for me right away in the morning!?

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